Acro cane dark – ready-to-assemble

Acro cane dark – ready-to-assemble

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  • Acrogym’s handstand tool Acro Cane is for everyone with a bit of experience doing straddle or handstand on the ground. From intermediate to experienced.

    These handstand canes are completely stable and therefore perfect for practicing press from straddle to handstand or horizontal as well as variations of straddle and handstand.

    In addition, you can use them to do handstand pushups and yoga handstands.

    The canes come in different heights – the higher, the more challenging.

    Handstand cane in oak wood

    Depth: 50 cm
    Length: 50 cm

    Canes with 10 cm uprights: Height 17-19 cm.
    Canes with 20 cm uprights: Height 27-29 cm.
    Canes with 30 cm uprights: Height 37-39 cm.
    Canes with 40 cm uprights: Height 47-49 cm.

    This handstand tool is collapsible. Uprights, bottom and handles can be detached.

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    1 review for Acro cane dark – ready-to-assemble

    1. Rim belhamri

      I’m in love with my canes easy to use for all levels also easy to take with you wherever you want delivery fast and good condition price so affordable thank you for making my handstands more beautiful

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