Acro Blocks pink

Acro Blocks pink

Acro Blocks from Acrogym are great when you want to do a handstand and press to a handstand as well as doing handstand pushups and yoga handstands.

In addition, the handstand blocks are perfect for training of straddle and various other handstand positions within gymnastics and acrobatics for all levels.

This short model is particularly suitable for beginners as it’s relatively easy to use. These Acro Blocks are suitable for indoor training and easy to transport.

If you aren’t a beginner and want to challenge yourself a bit more, we recommend our Acro Blocks 30 cm. Read more about them here.

Acro Blocks 1 set = 2 pcs.

Height: 18 cm.
Width: 16 cm.
Depth: 16 cm.

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