Sustainable sportswear from Girlfriend Collective

This amazing sustainable sportswear finally made it to our webshop. We absolutely adore EVERYTHING about Girlfriend Collective.

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable sportswear brand that originates from the United States. And we are lucky enough to have been entrusted with selling their sportswear through our webshop. The concept oozes sustainability in the good way! We are completely in love with the brand.

The sustainable Girlfriend Collective sportswear is made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets collected on the so called Garbage Island – Taiwan.

The collected plastic is then sorted into 4 categories. Afterwards the plastic is heated up and extruded into threads that are spun together into yarn and woven with four-way stretch. In the end this is sewed into the greatest sustainable sportswear. Also the dyeing process for the clothes is sustainable and without chemicals in order not to pollute the water sources like streams and rivers.

Girlfriend Collective’s whole value chain is transparent and sustainable. They recycle all waste. For instance they produce asphalt to make new roads allowing a better infra structure.

No doubt Girlfriend Collective is a MUST HAVE!

Girlfriend’s supportive sports bra

Sports bra that can also be used as a small top. It’s made from 11 recycled plastic bottles! How amazing is that? The bra’s full-coverage of chest and flattering.

Girlfriend’s high-waisted leggings

These leggings have so many advantages and are made from as many as 25 recycled plastic bottles!

So when you put on your Girlfriend Collective sportswear set, your conscience is clean. You contribute to a cleaner world by carrying up to 36 recycled plastic bottles removed from beaches in Taiwan.

In addition to the clean conscience, this sustainable sportswear is also incredibly comfy. The leggings stay up during your training and have that extra high waist making you feel comfortable. The top comes in two different lengths, but we are particularly crazy about the longer version.

All Girlfriend Collective sportswear has all these wonderful advantages:

  • Compressive fit (keeps all body parts in place)
  • Breathable
  • Four-way stretch (it’s comfy and you can move with ease in it)
  • Sweat-wicking (we all know this one! There are areas where it’s nice to avoid visible sweat)
  • Opaque fabric (not transparent – AND passes the squat test 100%)
  • Soft and smooth (You’re gonna want to wear it 24/7)

What’s not to like?

Check out the large selection on our webshop here.